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The Story Behind the Documentary - Discarded Lives

Chris Le Roy, Documentary Filmmaker talks about what is driving him to delve into the difficulties of experiencing divorce and produce his first Feature Documentary on such a controversial subject.  Discarded Lives exposes the flawed court and child support system that are failing families and destroying parental bonds, leaving a trail of divorced and alienated fathers who are four times more likely to take their own lives!

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Last Tuesday I was part of a team that stopped a father from taking his own life. He was seriously suicidal, he decided he was going to hang himself the day before Christmas. He hadn't seen his kids in three years. His kids had been alienated from him, by his ex-wife because she was angry he left the marriage.

The crazy part is, there are court orders in place to let him see the children, but the courts keep failing to enforce the orders.

The sad part for me, was to watch this incredibly successful man be pushed into such darkness when all he wanted to do was to see his children and be apart of their lives.

Its a story I keep hearing time and time again. It broke my heart ... using children as a weapon is never okay.

The good news is that, the team helped him to find a little piece of hope, which has helped him to be alive to this day, which I am really grateful for.

I want to tell these stories on film. My production team has launched a Kickstarter Campaign Today for the Feature Film Documentary. The money raised is to help me and my team travel around Australia to capture these stories so that we can start a dialogue in Australia on the issues with families, the family court system and child support.

Our children are our most precious resource and the reality is, they need both their parents.... if you can financially assist or if you can share this post with your friends I would be eternally grateful.

1 in 4 Men going through Divorce will contemplate suicide. That is ONE to many....

About Us

The Social Issue

Men are leading the way in terms of their suicide rates. Generally, they are less likely to 'cry for help' and more likely to finish the job effectively. But what takes men to this dark place, wanting to end it all? We aim to talk to men who've been on the edge, to get their stories, so people can see that these are ordinary men caught in a web of factors that are loaded against them, which leave the helpless and hopeless, and unable to care about a future that seems utterly denuded of the things that they love.

Would You Like To Share Your Story!

Discarded Lives is looking for men who have been on the brink of suicide, but somehow managed to come back, so they are still alive to tell the tale. We are also interested in talking to some people who have survived men who completed suicide, to find out what may have been the circumstances that led to the tragedy. Faces can be blurred and voices modified as needs be to protect the privacy of respondents. 

The Way Forward

What needs to be done to correct the factors that are pushing men to to kill themselves at such a rate? We are aiming to interview some activists who have seen the problem close-up, and are struggling to find a way to voice their deep concerns. 

Our Team

Dr. Travis Gee, Psychologist

Dr. Gee is a Queensland-based psychologist who has balanced academic and professional practices for  some two decades. Director of Research for The Fathers' Rights Movement in the USA, he has worked with many men who have been on the brink of suicide, all too often in the wake of family law proceedings. 

Chris LeRoy, Documentary Filmmaker

Chris is a budding documentary filmmaker, trained at the New York film Academy onn the Gold Coast, Queensland. With over 30 International awards for his short films, including Drawing Hope and The Undeniable Truth under his belt, he is now embarking on his first Feature Film Documentary on this critical international social issue. He is inspired by legendary documentary filmmaker Michael Moore and his social conscience which makes this film a labour of love. 

The Fathers' Rights Movement

TFRM is a world-wide movement represented by dozens of pages on Facebook, most of which are subsidiaries of the 'mother ship' TFRM at http://www.facebook.com/Fathers4Kids . Over half a million men and women around the world support the page, which promotes the very sensible idea that shared parenting is generally in the best interests of children in most cases, but is the exception to a pernicious ideologically-driven rule that runs against the science. A registered charity in the US, we are working with them to obtain funding for this vital venture. 

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